The Most Disgusting Thing In Parenthood

As a parent you become used to many things that anyone that isn’t a parent would find disgusting (at least in regards to your own kids). Slobber, vomit, wet diapers, “dirty” diapers…you get the picture.

While there have been a few times the vomit and “dirties” have grabbed a hold of my stomach a bit, there is one thing that these do not, and cannot, hold a candle to. That would be spoiled milk.

While it isn’t too uncommon for my children to leave their cups somewhere that I can’t find them for a little while, say a day at most, I recently ran across a cup full of milk that had been missing for well over a month. I had assumed we’d just left the cup somewhere since there were two missing and neither had shown up.

Not thinking much of it, especially since the cup was apparently designed to not allow any smells out, I decided to open it up to wash the cup. Words cannot describe the involuntary urge to spew that the wretched stench brought about. This ranks right up there with the smell of a paper mill (if you’ve had that lovely experience) and rotting meat. It is horrid.

So as a word of advice, if you’re ever in this situation, resit the urge to “save” the cup…throw it away and buy a new one. I know that if the still M.I.A. cup ever shows up, it is going directly into the trash can.  Please learn from my misadventure.  Trust me, you’ll thank me for it.

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