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9/11 Five Years Later

It’s hard to think that five years have past since watching the events of 9/11 unfold right before my eyes on live television. I clearly remember my activities that day from walking into the office and wondering what was going on, to sitting in the boardroom watching CNN as a second plane hit the other tower, to people in the office predicting that the Twin Towers would collapse, to watching the towers collapse, to making multiple phone calls (when I could get through), to meeting with our church group, to sitting at home later that evening glued to the television. It’s something that you’ll never get out of your mind, yet something that my children’s generation won’t really “get”. Like my generation doesn’t really “get” Vietnam, but our parents certainly do…I can read all the stories and watch all of the documentaries, but the ambiance just isn’t something that can be conveyed all that well.

I pray for my country as we reflect on the past and cast a vision for the future.

Comair Flight 5191

The “media” has managed to sicken me yet again (why I continue to keep up with the “news” is beyond me), this time in regards to the Comair Flight 5191 crash in Lexington, Kentucky this morning.   While browsing the news headlines I came across a story that talks about the sole survivor of the crash.  Apparently since they didn’t really have anything else to say, and being “good journalists” they dug up this guy’s life story and published it for all of the world to read (I hesitate posting the link, but I know that people will ask).  

Again, why can’t the media have any decency these days?  49 people are dead and this guy is critical condition.  Show some compassion and a conscience people!

Hazing Expert Hank Nuwer

On the noon news today they were interviewing a “hazing expert” which sparked my interest as to what exactly that meant. (Does he have excellent hazing skills or is he a researcher about what hazing is going on? Luckily it was the later.)

Seriously, parents might want to keep an eye on Hank Nuwer’s Hazing Blog to keep in touch with what their children may encounter and parent accordingly.