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Life’s Too Short, Savor It

Tonight is turning into another one of those mind and heart check nights.  One of those nights where I can’t keep my mind from wondering into “big picture” land.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m now officially in my thirties, so I just can’t seem to help myself from going there.

Anyway, what tripped it tonight was two things.   Andrew Peterson & the violent death of a former high school classmate.

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Happy Leap Day 2008!

Leap Day 2008

It only happens once every four years.  Sometimes not even then.  If you’re lucky enough to make it to eighty, you’ll only see nineteen or twenty of these in your lifetime.  Go, enjoy your extra day.

I’m personally taking the day off to get out of the “office” and I am instituting Leap Day as an official holiday for Watershed Studio.  (Yet another nice thing about running your own business.)  And for those of you who’ve not been to the Watershed site lately, we’ve given the site a much needed face lift.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

Well, I was in the midst of something tonight and missed the total lunar eclipse, but at least I was able to snap a few photos of the partial lunar eclipse. We have to wait for 34 months to see another one of these, so hopefully it will be clear that night as well.

And I missed the space shuttle landing too. I’m just not on it today.

Anyway, they better release some video footage of them shooting the satellite out of the sky…that might make up for it a little.

Has It Really Been 30 Years?

I’ve checked my calendar and my birth certificate and it seems to be true that as of today I am thirty years old. Part of me had hoped that was a rumor, but I cannot deny it. While I’m still young enough to be sort of “hip”, it won’t be too long before they (whoever “they” are) start to refer to me as “middle aged” (whatever that means…like they know something about my lifespan that I do not). But I digress.

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