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Heath Ledger, Dead at 28

Heath Ledger died yesterday at the age of 28 from an apparent sleeping pill overdose. While I wouldn’t say that I really followed his acting career (I think I’ve only seen two of his movies…The Patriot and The Order), it jars me a little when something like this happens (regardless of who the person is). And when it’s someone well known, especially a person close to my own age, I get to thinking about my own accomplishments and what people would say about me if I were to meet an early demise.

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Wake Me In February

To say this past December was busy would be an understatement. It is now mid-January and I’m finally getting back into some sort of rhythm and will hopefully get back to blogging regularly soon. In the meantime, here’s the hit list of what I’ve been up (in no particular order) to and have wanted to blog about in more detail (which isn’t going to happen, so we better move forward)…
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Utter Oddcast’s October Oddness 2007

For those of you who’ve not caught it yet, we’re doing a Halloween/October themed episode series all month on Utter Oddcast titled October Oddness 2007.

These episodes are scheduled to be released each Monday in October, for a total of five episodes. AND we’re looking for your contributions to include in the remaining episodes. Please see the website for the full announcement.


Early August in Indiana

August arrives on Wednesday and I am reminded this Monday morning why I’m not usually fond of the weather in early August in Indiana…it’s hotter than Hades, mostly dry and often humid.


But luckily this usually only lasts a few weeks and by mid-September things get much more comfortable and it is quite enjoyable to be outside (until mid-November anyway).

But hey, training for the new football season is underway and the Indiana State Fair is just around the corner, so it’s not all that bad! Bring on the pig skin and pork burgers!


Within a few hours the weather prophets change their mind…