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Happy Black Friday 2006

As tradition my brother-in-law and I got up early this morning (4:15am for me), left the ladies at home in bed and headed out for our annual early morning “Black Friday” ruckus. (I can’t recall the exact number of years, but it’s probably a good 5 years running now.) We’ve been trying to break the stereotype of guys only being dragged along with their wives, to no avail thus far. But we’re still there with the crowd, which is something for me since I *hate* crowds and lines of any sort. But we stand there and shake our heads at the crowds every year, and that’s well worth it because there’s just something about it that’s addicting…it’s like watching a good sociology/psychology experiment each and every year and that just seems amusing for some reason.

Anyway, we had our usual hit list of places to go just in case they had something we were interested in, and this year all four places we went had what we wanted…and that’s a first.

Stop 1 was Office Max at 5am. I picked up a memory card for my camera and a few small items. Small crowd of people, which was good since the sale item were not marked and for some reason checkout was a bit slow.

Stop 2 was Best Buy around 5:15am. As always, I have no idea why we go there, but we usually do and it is always your best bet for a crowd since the guys and the ladies love the place. We picked up a few DVDs and stood in the checkout line for about an hour, which was better than the hour and a half or so that we stood in line last year, but my guess is that a lot of people didn’t realize that they opened at 5am this year instead of the usual 6am in previous years.

Stop 3 was Target around 6:30am. A little busy, but not bad at all and they had the few things that we wanted. There were maybe three people in front of us in line. This was much better than previous years.

Stop 4 was Radio Shack around 6:50am. I picked up a headset to use with Skype
and a new pair of headphones for the podcast since my old ones shorted out on me. Pretty empty and no line at all.

We were on the road and headed home around 7am, just in time to beat the sun up.

The only usual stop that we didn’t make this year was Menards, but they didn’t have much of interest and there’s never much of a crowd there.

Now I need to get the kids down for a nap sometime this morning so I can get a short nap in myself. I’m so tired that I spaced the need of a coffee filter to brew a pot of coffee and had to clean that mess up and start over. And we’ve got a long night of Karnie Christmas II planning and writing in store, so the sleep will be much needed.

Black Friday 2006 Ads

For those of you who either have money to spend on Christmas presents and want to score some “deals” or are like me and just like to get up early on Black Friday to get in other peoples’ way (it’s a fun early morning tradition of mine), here are a few places to check out before the ads are out on Thursday.

If you want to see the PDFs I’d suggest getting them now since some stores are demanding that they be removed (like Best Buy). Ah, the joys of Christmastime are lingering in the air…