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Interview on the WordPress Publisher Blog

While possibly not the most exciting topic in the world (unless you really care about blogging and blog design or are just a WordPress geek), check out my interview about WordPress plugins on the newly launched WordPress Publisher Blog. Over the past year or so Raanan and the rest of the crew at Automattic have been very helpful for myself and Watershed Studio and I thank them for the opportunity to be included on their newly launched blog.

Tech Jobs Salaries in Indianapolis

I’d love to know how the Indy Star came up with these numbers

Chief technology officer
Pay range: $128,017 to $212,100.

Project manager
Pay range: $77,265 to $112,615.

Help desk support
Pay range: $79,033 to $109,838.

Database manager
Pay range: $59,843 to $83,325.

Web developer
Pay range: $57,823 to $87,113.

These numbers had to be pulled out of the air or via a very bad source. There is no way that this is an average range here in Indianapolis.

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Forking Software

While doing my routine log review I noticed a handful of hits to Watershed Studio coming from the web site of Benji Smith. Since I had no idea who this was I decided to look into it and found out that Mr. Smith had forked Watershed’s WordPress Versioning Plugin.

This has me asking the question, what ettique should people take when forking open source projects?

License wise, yes, you can do pretty much whatever you want without asking the author(s). But in the past *every* person who has made updates or changes to software that I have written has notified me of the changes and have either asked permission to place it for download on their web site (if the changes signifficgantly changed the functionality) or if I’d like to incorporate the changes in a new version of the software (giving credit where credit is due).

While the forking without notice does irritate me a little bit, the cheap “dumb” and “beta” insults he throws in is what truly irritates me. I mean, come on, how pompous is that? If you want to improve the software, fine. But if you want to knock the original code why not start from scratch and write your own software?

I have no problem admitting that this BETA software is very rough (to say the least) and has been on the backburner for quite a while. But functionality wise, this does serve it’s purpose for what I needed, albeit not very pretty.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. Bottom line, if you want to fork my software, please ask first. Just because it hasn’t been updated in a while doesn’t mean that it’s dead.


It just occured to me that about 99% of the people who read my blog are probably thinking to themselves, “What in the world is ‘forking’?”

Simply put, forking is taking someone else’s software code base and creating your own software based upon the previous work.

Clear as mud now?