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Interview on the WordPress Publisher Blog

While possibly not the most exciting topic in the world (unless you really care about blogging and blog design or are just a WordPress geek), check out my interview about WordPress plugins on the newly launched WordPress Publisher Blog. Over the past year or so Raanan and the rest of the crew at Automattic have been very helpful for myself and Watershed Studio and I thank them for the opportunity to be included on their newly launched blog.

Tech Jobs Salaries in Indianapolis

I’d love to know how the Indy Star came up with these numbers

Chief technology officer
Pay range: $128,017 to $212,100.

Project manager
Pay range: $77,265 to $112,615.

Help desk support
Pay range: $79,033 to $109,838.

Database manager
Pay range: $59,843 to $83,325.

Web developer
Pay range: $57,823 to $87,113.

These numbers had to be pulled out of the air or via a very bad source. There is no way that this is an average range here in Indianapolis.

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iPhone Lawsuit and “Opening Up”

I’m a little late on this one, but not surprising, a lawsuit has been filed against Apple for the recent iPhone “iBrick” fiasco. [side note, there has been yet another iPhone “hack” released…also not surprising given the tenacity of hackers.]

And today in related news, Apple has announced that they’re opening up the iPhone and iPhone Touch to third party developers…in February 2008.  Interesting, but that’s still four months away…and who knows how long after that until applications start rolling out.

Anyway, this is getting interesting from a technology and business standpoint and I’m curious to see how everything unfolds.


Yesterday I ran across a new “pay wiki” site, OneBuckWiki, who’s offering pages for $1 (until 1000 pages are sold, then it goes up to $10).

I’m currently undecided about how useful/helpful something like this is (wikis in general, not just this one), but I do see the potential (as long as it is policed AND people still buy pages after it goes beyond $1). And for a one time $1 payment I guess there’s not really a whole lot to lose. If you get any site traffic from it, it’s well worth the investment, right?

So, I went ahead and purchased a few pages to help promote Watershed Studio and Surge Bucket Media. (So far I’ve only had a chance to add content for the weird news page which promotes Squirrel Dish, Utter Oddcast and Utter Oddness…with a nod to Gene & Bryan over at Hometown Tales.)

I think that the one thing that I really like about this site is that fact that they’re using a theme/template that looks more like a normal web page or blog post. A big thing that really turned me off about Wiki’s in the past was the default layout found in every one that I came across just didn’t light any fires for me (along with a handful of functionality issues).

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. And now the wheels are turning on how Wiki’s might be useful for a few of my own sites and I think I’m going to take a look at the software again (whenever I can manage to find some “free time”).

iPod Nano – A Little Fire For Everyone?

I’m not sure what’s going on at Apple these days, but they’re certainly stacking up the negative press.  The most recent being that one of their iPod Nano’s has allegedly caught on fire.  While I don’t really understand why you’d buy a teeny-tiny video player in the first place (yes, I know that it plays audio as well), potentially catching me and/or my house/car/etc. on fire is not really a selling point.  But hey, maybe that’s just me.

For Apple’s sake I hope this is just a cheap shot that someone is taking at them, but if it’s not, expect to see some sort of massive recall in the near future.

(Oh, and by the way, where are these things actually made?  Could it be the current recall epicenter?  Conspiracy nuts are going crazy…)