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What, No Advertising?

I just received the annual call from Yellow Book trying to sell my business advertising space, to which I quickly replied “no thanks”. Which the next response in the sales pitch was “May I ask why not?” To which I replied, “because I don’t need it.”

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Interview on the WordPress Publisher Blog

While possibly not the most exciting topic in the world (unless you really care about blogging and blog design or are just a WordPress geek), check out my interview about WordPress plugins on the newly launched WordPress Publisher Blog. Over the past year or so Raanan and the rest of the crew at Automattic have been very helpful for myself and Watershed Studio and I thank them for the opportunity to be included on their newly launched blog.

Tech Jobs Salaries in Indianapolis

I’d love to know how the Indy Star came up with these numbers

Chief technology officer
Pay range: $128,017 to $212,100.

Project manager
Pay range: $77,265 to $112,615.

Help desk support
Pay range: $79,033 to $109,838.

Database manager
Pay range: $59,843 to $83,325.

Web developer
Pay range: $57,823 to $87,113.

These numbers had to be pulled out of the air or via a very bad source. There is no way that this is an average range here in Indianapolis.

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Shotgun Blogging and the Blue Shotgun

I’m sure that the vast majority of my blog readers have no idea what “shotgun blogging” is, so let me briefly explain.

Depending upon who you talk to, it can mean a variety of things, but here’s a my list of blogs & blog posts that I’ll thrown in that category…

  • Link posts. This can be something like “Check out so-and-so’s post/article about XYZ.” Or something with a pulled quote, a link and very quick commentary (i.e. just about any Utter Oddness post.). And also link “dailies”.
  • Tidbit posts / blog grenades. This can be just a brief mention of something but offers little to no elaboration. While this is great to get the creative juices flowing, it does tend to irritate people who come looking for “meat”.
  • Random posts. This can be random in the sense of the blog audience or random in the sense of the content within the actual post. It just seems out of place from the normal posts.
  • Thoughtless posts. These posts are often the result of a person just sitting down at their keyboard and hacking away until something shows up on the screen and some smelly digital diarrhea is left behind for all to “enjoy”. (I apologize now for the imagery that statement may cause…but you get my point, right?)

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