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Introducing Just Not China

With all of the current toy recalls my wife and I have been pondering what to do about toys, and even other products, for Christmas for the kids this year.

It’s not that I’m overly paranoid that the Chinese are out to kill and/or harm us all, but it is certainly a concern. Especially since it appears that every toy that is/was made in China toy is being recalled, but they’re just taking it in stages. (Is that paranoid or make me sound like some conspiracy nut?) And who has the time to purchase toys that have to be returned? Can you even imagine how much worse the exchange lines will be after Christmas this year if this continues?

So we looked through all of the kids current toys and haven’t found much of anything that isn’t made in China (and good luck finding many “Made in the USA” toys at the major retailers). And this also includes all of the “kids meal” related toys for the various fast food restaurants.

So this has lead to the start of yet another Surge Bucket Media blog, Just Not China, which will showcase products that you can buy that are indeed, “Not Made in China”. (If someone has a positive phrasing idea for that, please let me know.) While there are a few major companies that we hope to get on board, the vast majority of the products will not be available many places beyond online websites and catalog sales. But that is great as you’ll be helping the “little man” and be purchasing products that most people don’t even know about.

We quickly put this up today, based on this blog’s theme, so bear with us as it gets built out and products are listed. It may take a few weeks to get rolling, but we hope to have some products listed well before Christmas. So please bookmark the site and subscribe to the RSS feed. And if you have anything to add, please contact us.


Yesterday I ran across a new “pay wiki” site, OneBuckWiki, who’s offering pages for $1 (until 1000 pages are sold, then it goes up to $10).

I’m currently undecided about how useful/helpful something like this is (wikis in general, not just this one), but I do see the potential (as long as it is policed AND people still buy pages after it goes beyond $1). And for a one time $1 payment I guess there’s not really a whole lot to lose. If you get any site traffic from it, it’s well worth the investment, right?

So, I went ahead and purchased a few pages to help promote Watershed Studio and Surge Bucket Media. (So far I’ve only had a chance to add content for the weird news page which promotes Squirrel Dish, Utter Oddcast and Utter Oddness…with a nod to Gene & Bryan over at Hometown Tales.)

I think that the one thing that I really like about this site is that fact that they’re using a theme/template that looks more like a normal web page or blog post. A big thing that really turned me off about Wiki’s in the past was the default layout found in every one that I came across just didn’t light any fires for me (along with a handful of functionality issues).

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. And now the wheels are turning on how Wiki’s might be useful for a few of my own sites and I think I’m going to take a look at the software again (whenever I can manage to find some “free time”).

Take My Tech

Jason Burns recently started up Take My Tech where he is giving away his spare tech related items to a random commenter (once there are 100 comments on a post…see the initial announcement).  This sounds like a pretty neat concept for a blog and along the lines of an idea I have to clear out some of my excess “stuff” (launching soon hopefully).  I’m going to keep my eye on this one and am hoping that it turns out to be a success.  (And another plus in my book…the site is running WordPress.)