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Andrew Peterson on March 16, 2008

AP Concert

I caught Andrew Peterson in concert tonight for the first tour of The Resurrection Letters, his current work-in-progress Easter tour.  I’ve lost track of what AP concert this makes, but it’s probably safe to put that into double digits now.  (And I think this is the second time on a “Selection Sunday”… and honestly that’s a no brainer choice to make.)

This show brought a full band along, including usual sidekick Ben Shive and adding Gabe Scott (AP’s previous usual sidekick), Mandy & Kevin Mann (filling in for Andy & Jill), Jeff Irwin (a.k.a. the M&M guy) and Paul Eckberg.

Great show as always and my two older kids decided that they needed to be part of the show.  But hey, AP and the audience seemed to get a kick out of it…and that’s to be expected when you ask the kids to come down front (at least with my kids…consider yourself warned).

I’ve said it over and over in the past and I will continue to do so as long as there is breath left in my lungs…if Andrew Peterson comes anywhere close to you, GO!  And buy every album of his that you can get your hands on!