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Wake Me In February

To say this past December was busy would be an understatement. It is now mid-January and I’m finally getting back into some sort of rhythm and will hopefully get back to blogging regularly soon. In the meantime, here’s the hit list of what I’ve been up (in no particular order) to and have wanted to blog about in more detail (which isn’t going to happen, so we better move forward)…
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Christmas Pumpkins

For those of you wondering how long an uncarved pumpkin will last outside in Indiana, somewhere around Christmas is the “deflate date” given the sort of weather that we’ve had this year. (If temperatures were close to normal, that might be a little longer, as long as it’s not too cold.)

And to answer the “Why did you still have uncarved pumpkins outside at Christmastime?” question…

Short answer: Procrastination that lead to my “creative” oddness (which I don’t think anyone else was into)…and more procrastination.

Longer answer: I never got around to carving the pumpkins at Halloween this year and thought they made nice Thanksgiving decorations. I was certain that they’d be mush or some neighborhoodlums would have done something to them by Thanksgiving, but that didn’t happen. So while sitting out the Christmas decorations I thought, maybe I could carve them for Christmas (like luminaries). And of course, that didn’t take place either.

With some nudging I threw them away this morning, which was a good thing as they started to *finally* become a little mushy. But now that the idea has came and past, maybe others can run with it next year and let the new “red, green & orange” Christmas tradition take on a life of its own.